Starting with Decorative Address Plaques: Home Improvement Phase 1

Despite the deflated housing market, spring and summer are still high traffic times. More houses go on the market during warmer months than in the cooler fall and winter.  Families plan to move then because kids are out for break and the weather usually cooperates. If you're preparing to get your home on the market (or even just thinking about it) the best time to add decorative address plaques and start planning projects to enhance your home's curb appeal is when it's cold outside.

Planning your outdoor home improvement projects can really begin anytime. But if you want to sell your home in the spring and summer, getting serious in the fall and winter allows you to take advantage of milder days and be ready to go at the beginning of spring. Once you have your plan, you can go ahead and purchase decorative address plaques or wood address plaques.

Another option is to shop for wood address plaques that will inspire the whole look for  your outdoor space.  And because it's cold outside, shopping for plaques online (right here at Pinnacle Harbor) will let you stay warm and cozy. Plus you can select from a wider variety of styles versus going to a brick and mortar store.

Pinnacle Harbor also offers custom plaques. First pick from black granite or wood plaques. Choose a template. You'll see that images measure 11" x 8" and the plaque itself is 12" x 9".  Popular designs include:

  • Geometrical
  • Mission
  • Peaceful Gardens
  • Ringlet
  • Art Deco
  • Lion's Gate
  • Modern

After you pick the material and design, fill out the form and email a high quality photo to You can also decide whether you would like a double or single sided plaque.