Wood Address Plaques

Classic and very attractive, wood address plaques from Pinnacle Harbor can help transform the outside of your home from boring and drab to unique and artistic. With so many different styles in templates, there will be something that you'll love - we promise! For the traditional person, Lion's Gate, Ringlet, and Peaceful Gardens are good options. For more ornate and flowery designs, Peaceful Gardens and Ringlet offer scrolls and beautiful curves.


Those of you who prefer something simpler, Mission, Rustic, or Victorian are good options. For a modern design that incorporates pure shapes, Art Deco or Geometrical might be better options.


Ordering wood address plaques is fairly easy. Once you've picked your template, you can begin the customization. Click on the template to select it. The next screen will give you a description on the top and an order form on the bottom. Fill it out including the material (wood), template name, style (double or single sided, your custom house numbers, other text (street name) and colors you want added. If there are two text boxes and you only want one, you have the option to delete one. Some just prefer the house number and would rather not include the street name. You can email a high resolution photo to our office that to be included on the plaque. Once the photo is received, you will receive a response from us within 72 hours. You confirm that the order is correct and before you know it, 10-12 business days have passed and you have your new custom address plaque.

Select Template: Click the template of your choice

Decorative Address Plaques
Lion's Gate
Wood Address Plaques
 Rustic Decorative Address Plaques
Geometrical Wood Address Plaques
Art Deco Wood Address Plaques
Art Deco
Modern Decorative Address Plaques
Wood Address Plaques
Peaceful Gardens
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Mission Wood Address Plaques

image measures: 11"x8"

plaque measures: 12"x9"


Custom sizes available email:  contact@pinnacleharbor.com